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Pipelines and tankers

British Columbia can become a world-leader in the 21st century for its modern economy. But under our current government, we're trapped in a dependence on Alberta's oilsands and other fossil fuels.

These are boom-and-bust industries, risking our economic stability. They also threaten our coast and worsen climate change.

Instead of propping up a doomed fossil-fuel industry, BC can secure a sustainable economy based on clean tech, high tech, tourism, the creative economy and many other sectors.

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Proposed pipeline projects

Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain
Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline expansion would bring three times the amount of dilbit from Alberta to Burnaby and then onto supertankers. Expanding it will increase the number of tankers transporting dilbit along BC's coast from 5 to 34 per month.

Enbridge Northern Gateway
Enbridge's Northern Gateway Pipeline would bring heavy oil from Alberta to Kitimat, BC. The pipeline would be built through the ecologically-sensitive Great Bear Rainforest and supertankers would have to navigate a dangerous inlet, the Douglas Channel.

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