Pending Policies

The Green Party of BC will be adopting a number of new policies. Members have until April 16th to provide input on these policies before they are adopted as final policies. The Provincial Council is able to adopt final policies in between annual general meetings in accordance with the Final Policy Enactment policy, which was adopted at the May 2012 AGM.

If ten percent of the membership opposes the policy, the policy will not be passed by the Provincial Council. For each policy please indicate if you approve or disapprove of it by following the instructions below. If there are changes or clarification you would like to see to the policy please submit these policy amendments to the next AGM. We are unable to accept changes to the policy at this time as members are voting only for or against what has been posted below.

Provincial Council adopted these policies, subject to the Final Policy Enactment policy at its meeting on January 26, 2013. All of the policies received extensive review by the Research and Policy Committee which recommended adoption to Provincial Council. They also received thorough debate by Provincial Council.

Voting Instructions
To review and vote on the policies, please use the survey tool below. Each policy question will be presented one at a time, and for each policy you will be asked to answer yes (agreement) or no (disagreement/rejection). If you are not currently logged into the system, you will need to provide some information to take the survey.

We invite non-members to take part and to add their input by voting in our policies. However only votes cast by current members will be counted in regards to rejecting a policy. If you are unsure of your membership status please email us at [email protected] or call 1-888-473-3686. Alternatively you can sign up (or renew) your membership online. Also when you are logged into the site you can check your membership status online. If you believe you are a member and your online status is not correct please call us.  

All our pending polices are available in one PDF. If you wish to print/ dowload and review the policies please use the PDF. To vote on the policies you need to use the survey tool below and vote on each policy one at a time.

Do you support the above policy of developing a cooperative and social economy for BC?
Co-operatives have always been an integral and essential part of BC’s economy. In key sectors like agriculture, financial services, retail, housing, and health care, co-ops provide essential goods and services to British Columbians. Co-ops are very good at the following: 1. Mobilizing and securing community capital for local economic development. 2. Providing goods & services that people need at a cost they can afford, particularly in the area of social care; 3. Empowering ordinary people with modest means to create new wealth through enterprise by sharing risks, skills and resources with others; 4. Diminishing economic inequality and providing stability and resilience, particularly in times of economic crisis. Social enterprise is a new and powerful concept developing globally. BC is already in a leadership position in this new category of company that aims to achieve social good with at least as much emphasis as return on investment. The spin-off benefits from highlighting social enterprise as a valuable investment, is that the economic and social value they produce is likely to vastly outweigh any cost in tax credits. Resolved that when in government, the Green Party of BC will implement strategies to assist in the economic development of co-operatives and social enterprises in BC by: • Extending to co-operative and social enterprises British Columbia’s tax credit for venture capital corporations (VCC’s) and eligible small businesses (ESB’s) which has been a productive facilitator of equity investment into BC companies. • Amending the Small Business Venture Capital Act to designate “Social Enterprises” and “Co-operatives” as a new eligible category for VCC’s and ESB’s. • Re-allocating $1 to 2 million from other categories in the Provincial budget to signal our commitment to support these creative new entities that have the promise to deliver so much more to society than pure profit-oriented companies. • Creating a co-op and social enterprise development and incubation initiative to provide financial and technical support for new co-op and social enterprise start-ups; for further development of existing co-op and social enterprises; and, for assisting in the transition of financially viable but challenged companies to a co-operative or social enterprise form through employee buy-outs. • Creating tax incentives to promote investment by members and community supporters in co-operative and social enterprises. • Adopting innovations in the financing of co-operatives and social enterprises by removing barriers to local investing; • Enhancing job and business retention by providing assistance to employees who want to buy-out; • Developing an affordable business space strategy that can assist in the incubation, start-up and development of co-operatives and social enterprises throughout BC. The Green Party of BC believes that the co-operative and social enterprise form will be integral to the more efficient provision of community based health, education and social services. Be it resolved that a Green Government will: • Establish an initiative to support the development of co-ops and social enterprises for the provision of community-based health, social and education services • Mandate that Requests for Proposal (RFP) processes and selection criteria by all government bodies will facilitate participation by health, social service and education co-operatives and social enterprises. • Establish education programs about co-ops and social enterprises in the training and retraining programs of existing health, social service and education professionals; for Health Authorities and social and educational agencies; and, for the governing bodies of these professions. The Green Party of BC recognizes that co-operatives and social enterprises can provide vital, community-based care to vulnerable individuals and the broader community. Be it resolved that the Green Party of BC will: • Support co-ops and social enterprises as a means of training and employing marginalized individuals and people with disabilities. • Remove income and social assistance restrictions to individuals being trained by social co-ops and other social enterprises. • Promote the use of social co-ops and social enterprises to serve high priority groups, especially the elderly and those living with disabilities. • Develop a co-operative and social enterprise shared service strategy to support the growth and competitive capacity of small and medium firms in strategic sectors. The Green Party of BC recognizes that co-operative housing in BC has been successful in providing affordable housing options for lower-income British Columbians. Therefore, be it resolved that when in government, the Green Party of BC will: • Partner with the co-op housing sector and other levels of government to: o Support the development of new, non-profit housing co-ops for low and moderate-income households, and o Explore the potential for using the co-op model to create affordable home ownership opportunities for British Columbians. To ensure the cooperative and social enterprise economy is developed in BC, the Green Party of BC will assign the Co-operative and Social Enterprise development to a Ministry for Economic Development.
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