Paul DeGroot

For Regional Rep: Vancouver Island-Sunshine Coast


As per the BC Green Party’s bylaws, only members who live in the Vancouver Island-Sunshine Coast region may vote for the Regional Councillor-at-Large - Vancouver Island-Sunshine Coast. To learn more about the Vancouver Island-Sunshine Coast region, please click here. 

Paul is the incumbent for this role and was elected during the 2020 AGM internal party elections.

My goal as a Provincial Council member is to focus on issues that get BC Green Party candidates elected--climate and environmental issues--and to build stronger riding associations. Every successful Green Party candidate has won their seat by demonstrating environmental leadership, Andrew Weaver through scientific expertise, Adam Olsen fighting Steelhead LNG, and Sonia Furstenau preserving the Shawnigan Lake watershed.

The BC Green Party has laudable policies on social justice, human rights, indigenous reconciliation, housing, poverty, healthcare, and gender equality, but most voters cannot distinguish Green Party policies from similar NDP or Liberal policies, leading them to discount Green prospects.

Voters do not support a party because it is LIKE other parties. They support a party whose policies are clearly DIFFERENT and superior on issues they care about.

The BC Green Party must show climate and environmental leadership and must be the only choice for people who care about our environment, especially young people, 70 percent of whom believe climate change is a global emergency.

In addition, too many ridings lack a strong Green organization. I am working to build effective riding associations in every riding, with ample financial resources and outstanding candidates.

About Paul

Paul DeGroot worked as a journalist in small communities throughout British Columbia—Kimberley, Powell River, Parksville-Qualicum—before joining the staff of the Victoria Colonist in 1976, working there for four years. He moved to the Edmonton Journal in 1980, working as a reporter (including a stint as bureau chief at the provincial legislature and two postings to Parliament in Ottawa), editor, columnist, and newsroom IT expert. In 2000 he moved to the US as a business analyst and editor for a specialty IT publication focused on Microsoft strategies. In 2010 he started his own consulting business, optimizing customers’ software spending and guiding contract negotiations with Microsoft. His customers ranged in size from Google, Amazon, and Microsoft itself, to a 16-person pizza shop, with overall customer savings exceeding half a billion dollars. He moved back to Canada in 2018, with working for the BC Green Party as a key goal. He is an avid cyclist and photographer and is working on a book about economic issues.

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