Overall, I like this bill

It's way past time to get big money out of BC politics if we are to preserve our democracy. We can't have moneyed interests buying government policies and decisions. My only main quibble is I think you've set the limit too high at $1200. Most British Columbians want a limit around $700, according to research by Dogwood and U Vic. I would also like to see this extended to municipal politics. And let's build in some safeguards to ensure that over time the moneyed interests don't find loopholes and work-arounds that no one has foreseen yet -- a regular review would be a good idea. Passing electoral reform is probably essential to making sure the ban big money legislation stands. Another false Liberal majority would probably result it your legislation being undone!

Official response from submitted

Thank you for your feedback Katherine! We agree a lower per individual limit would be more accessible for everyone, however, during negotiation with the NDP government, $1200 per individual a year was the compromise made between the two parties. 

Here is more on the consultation process from an article in the Globe and Mail: https://beta.theglobeandmail.com/news/british-columbia/horgans-fundraising-policy-reversal-tied-to-greens-insiders-say/article36338684/?ref=http://www.theglobeandmail.com&

We greatly appreciate your support. Electoral reform is a top priority! The Green Caucus is looking forward to working with the government on the campaign to engage British Columbians in this important discussion about the future of our democracy


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