Our opportunity

Our opportunity

Where do we go from here?

Everyone knows our economy needs to change. The world is facing growing inequality, massive technological change and the very real threat of climate change.

This can be a scary and overwhelming proposition. It’s a normal human reaction to resist change and instead try to preserve the status quo. But we know where that leads. We need to start - now, not next decade - to build a new way of life. It can be a shift that provides economic opportunities like the world has never seen.

Industries naturally adjust to changing conditions in the market. But our governments have prevented that adaptation by supporting the perpetuation of old markets. When we embrace change and innovation, we create new opportunities. For example, OPEC's electric vehicle forecast grew by almost 500% last year. $11.5 trillion being invested globally in new power generation capacity between 2018 and 2050, with $8.4 trillion of that going to wind and solar and a further $1.5 trillion to other zero-carbon technologies such as hydro and nuclear.

Clean growth plan released

By taking climate change seriously, with carefully designed policies, BC’s economy can grow in new ways.

We need to focus on a detailed, smart, forward-looking strategy to move the province into a 21st-century economy that seizes on BC’s competitive advantages such as education, natural resources and being a highly desirable place to live.

These are the values and policies that Andrew Weaver and the BC Green Caucus have brought forward to the BC NDP government. Together, we have been designing a strategy, called CleanBC, for many months.

Details on the CleanBC plan can be found here

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