Olsen: LGBTQ2+ rights must be upheld by all parties

July 16, 2020

VICTORIA B.C. – Adam Olsen, interim leader of the B.C. Green Party, released the following statement regarding the importance of upholding LGBTQ2+ human rights:

“In the previous week, it has come to light that members of the B.C. Liberal Party have advertised in a magazine that they know promotes conversion therapy and harmful anti-LGBTQ2+ beliefs. Conversion therapy is an abusive practice, often perpetrated on minors. 

“For the B.C. Green Party, these beliefs and practices are at complete and total odds with the society we want for British Columbians. Furthermore, they are at complete and total odds with the values that all three major political parties profess to uphold. Last year, our party worked with legal experts, stakeholders and survivors of conversion therapy to introduce a bill to ban the abusive practice. We had hoped it would have unanimous support in the legislature, and were deeply disappointed that the government did not even bring it forward for debate.

“Today, I reaffirm the B.C. Green Party’s commitment to make British Columbia a safe home for all people to be, live and love just as they are. It is up to Andrew Wilkinson, leader of the B.C. Liberal Party, to explain to British Columbians how his party can profess values of diversity and inclusion while it enabled actions that do the exact opposite.”

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