Old Growth & Forestry

Old Growth & Forestry

British Columbia’s few remaining ancient old-growth forests and the communities and ecosystems that depend on them are facing threats like never before.

A report released by independent researchers shows that only 3% of the province’s old-growth forests remain, and that the current forest policy does not support or maintain the “natural range of ecosystem diversity, thus posing high risk to biodiversity and carbon storage.”

In other words, BC’s old growth forests are highly productive ecosystems, but the current production levels are so low that they don’t actually support biodiversity. 

While we await the results of the report from the Old Growth Panel, after already waiting 3 years, these old forest ecosystems have been harvested at an alarming rate. We cannot continue to log in these irreplaceable ecosystems as the government works on their long awaited strategy.

We are calling on the BC NDP government to implement a moratorium on all high risk old-growth ecosystems across the province, while a strategy for science-based old growth management is developed, and to support workers in a transition to a sustainable forest economy.

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