Okanagan Regional Committee Candidates

Regional Representative

Name: Chris George

Email address: chrisgeorge@chrisgeorge.ca

Please write a 250 word statement about why you are seeking this position on the Regional Committee:

After running as a candidate in Shuswap during the 2013 election, it has become apparent to me that one of the preconditions for electoral success in any riding is the level of support and most critically, the organization. If the party is to make a bigger difference in provincial politics going forward we need to do a much better job of between election organizing. We need members, we need constituency associations in every riding, and we need strong regional organizations; all of which will create a strong provincial party.

Which brings me here.


Deputy Regional Representative

Name: Robert Mellalieu 

Email address: RobM@F1Key.ca

Please write a 250 word statement about why you are seeking this position on the Regional Committee:

If you can’t breathe the air or drink the water what good is a new road?

I am at the ripe age of forty eight and I have worn many hats. I was a technician in the early days of computing working mainframe computers. In those days we hoped that computers would save the world – we would all telecommute and not use any paper or fossil -LOL.

Over the years I have been an active member and director of several clubs; Rotary, Okanagan Antique Boat Society, Westbank Yacht club, Church and others. These clubs had one common goal; to prosper and to do good things for others and to look beyond ourselves.

I also found time to become a Husband and soon after a Dad and home owner. Suddenly I started to look farther ahead – 25 year mortgage, College fund, retirement fund, health insurance etc.

So, with this new found wisdom, I looked to my governments and expect to see even more of this benevolent forward thinking. What I saw was that a governments plan is to buy votes with tax dollars so that it can get re-elected. I have also seen that the majority of voters don’t realize how they are being manipulated.

I have been looking for a platform exercise my beliefs - The platforms of the Green Parties (federal and provincial) resonate with my philosophies and morals. The ideals of balanced budgets, debt free, sustainable economies all whilst maintaining the earth for my great grandchildren are a perfect fit.


General Secretary


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Communications Chair


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Events Chair


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Outreach Chair

Name: Silverado Brooks Socrates

Email Address: Silverado_socrates@hotmail.com

Please write a 250 word statement about why you are seeking this position on the Regional Committee:

I have had interest in the “green” movement since early university days when reading about plastics and the treatment of animals before consumption. I own a trailriding stables, but while this business got going, I worked at Dominoes Pizza. I recycled the cardboard with my truck as a side job after work. I made money from their savings and the trip to the recycling area was not far out of my way. Making money was a bonus to knowing that I was helping with the environment.

As a tourism provider, I have concerns about the footprint of travelers, both in traveling to the desired location and in partaking in the activity itself. I would like to help promote more staycations and the idea of being stewards of our environment and working to be examples of a strong stewardship.

I realize that to be part of a team brings about a much greater voice. I have a lot of respect for the green party members I have met. I would like to bring a unique perspective to the table while listening to those of others. I would love to be in a position to help bring the voices into a choir that will bring positive and peaceful change to our community.

Thank you for your consideration


Membership Chair 

Name:  Gary Adams

Email address:  garyadams1@shaw.ca

Please write a 250 word statement about why you are seeking this position on the Regional Committee:

Green values have been a part of my consciousness for as long as I can remember. I attribute a large part of my political, cultural, and personal values to my parents. Green politics seemed to be an appropriate outlet. Democracy, ethical and effective government have long been a powerful, central theme of my thinking. I believe the Green Party has the most to offer in this province.

My summer job experiences included, machine operator, lifeguard, municipal pool manager, Children’s Home camp counsellor and house painter. My adult working life was spent teaching and counselling at a variety of age levels. I am an attentive, active listener and problem solver, and a lifelong learning advocate and practitioner. I have had extensive involvement with Green Party campaign work over the last eight years, including running in the May 2013 provincial election. I have been serving as membership chairperson in Kelowna-Lake Country at the provincial and federal level since 2006. I have been an Evergreen member of the provincial and federal Green Party during that time. I am proficient with the data base systems the party uses for membership. My experience as a teacher has built a framework of organization and attention to detail that should enable me to fulfill the duties of Regional Membership Chair.



Policy Chair

Name: Cassandra Schwarz

Email Address: cass84ca@gmail.com

Please write a 250 word statement about why you are seeking this position on the Regional Committee:

I have been a member of the BC Green Party for almost two years. I am currently the Policy Coordinator for the Caring for One Another policy team. I would like to become more involved with the Green Party on the regional level. I am from Vernon but spent the last 10 years travelling and attaining my masters in Human Rights and International Politics from the University of Glasgow. I enjoy working on policy and have written a few policies for the BC Green Party.


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