North Shore Regional Committee Nominees

Regional Representative

Name: Noel Muller

Email address: [email protected]

Please write a 250 word statement about why you are seeking this position on the Regional Committee:

I am deeply committed to the long-term growth of the Green Party in BC.  We stand at a historical crossroads between the fossil fuel based economy of our past and present, and the sustainable energy economy looming just around the corner.  The BC Green Party is the political embodiment of this economic and societal transformation.  We now need a strong Green voice in every government house around the world.  I seek to work within my local capacity in BC to bring about these changes.  I hope that through laying a strong political base in the North Shore region, we will be able to add additional voices to this effort in the future.  Primarily, we need thriving constituency associations that engage the local population.  We’re aware of the strong Green base in the North Shore region: I will seek to build connections and grow the party in my tenure as North Shore Regional Representative.

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