2015 Provincial Council Nominations

We are now accepting nominations to run for our next Provincial Council.

Positions available:

-Secretary (2-year term elected in odd years)

-Treasurer (2-year term elected in odd years)

-3 x Councillors-at-Large (1-year terms)

-Ombudsperson - Male (2-year term elected in odd years)

To run for one of these positions:

-Read through the requirements below

-Download and complete the Candidate Application Form.

-Submit the form and declare your candidacy to [email protected] by April 1, 2015 at 11:59pm.

Your application will be reviewed by the Elections Committee to verify your eligibility. Approved candidates will have their photos and bios posted to special pages on our website on April 13, 2015, and you will need 25 members in good standing to officially endorse your candidacy before the deadline on May 1st, 2015 (11:59pm).

General Requirements:

  1. Member in good standing of the Green Party of BC.

  2. A willingness to dedicate at least 3-5 hours per week of personal time and effort to council work including attending meetings by teleconference, time between meetings preparing materials and reading reports, time spent serving on Council sub-committees, and attendance at four in-person meetings per year (including the AGM).

  3. The ability to effectively communicate and collaborate in a team environment in which much of the work takes place virtually.

  4. Governance experience.

  5. Proven leadership skills.

  6. A strong belief in the purpose and six core principles of the Party, and a commitment to applying them to the management of the Party.

  7. A familiarity with and support of Party policy, platform and governance documents, such as the Party's Constitution, Bylaws, and Rules, and the Code of Conduct.

  8. Access to the Internet and familiarity with online collaboration tools, computer word processing, spreadsheet, presentation programs, the ability to view such documents, and the ability to read and understand financial statements.

  9. A very high standard of personal ethics.


  1. Always act in good faith and in a manner which they believe is in the best interest of the Party and membership as a whole, contribute to discussions as part of decision-making, and respect Provincial Council decisions on all issues.

  2. Respect the confidentiality of in-camera discussions and privileged information.

  3. Make certain the Party has clear long, medium, and short-term plans that can be developed and measured realistically.

  4. Work to support and ensure the success of the Party’s Strategic Plan.

Other Skills and Qualities of a Councillor:

  1. Basic understanding of financial reports

  2. Understanding of legal requirements and implications relevant to political parties, governing boards, and corporations

  3. Governance experience. That is, a previous role on a non-profit, corporation, or political party's board of directors

  4. Well-connected in your community

  5. An ability to collaborate and build an environment of  trust, understanding and openness


Roles and Responsibilities of the positions up for election:

The Secretary shall:
  1. prepare agendas and issue notices of Provincial Council meetings;
  2. record or cause to be recorded the minutes of Provincial Council meetings and distribute to the Provincial Council in a timely manner;
  3. ensure the minutes of all meetings of the Party, Provincial Council and Provincial Council Committees are appropriately kept and filed; and ensure their availability or distribution to all Constituency Associations, Regional Committees and Provincial Council Committees; 
  4. maintain a list of Provincial Council, Committees and their members, Regional Committees and their members and other bodies and caucuses mandated by Provincial Council or Party members in general meeting; 
  5. In the absence of the Secretary from a Provincial Council meeting, the Provincial Councillors shall choose one of the Officers or Staff present at that meeting to act as Secretary at that meeting;
  6. Ensure filing and registration of appropriate documents to record the newly elected Provincial Council as required by Elections BC and the Society Act.
The Treasurer/Financial Agent shall: 
  1. act as Financial Agent for the Party as required by the Elections Act and the Guide for Financial Agents appointed under the Elections Act;
  2. keep financial records as required by the Societies Act and Elections Act;
  3. provide up-to-date financial statements at Provincial Council meetings;
  4. ensure that financial statements are audited and filed in a timely manner with Elections BC and the Society Branch as required bylaw, and immediately inform Provincial Council if any problems arise with compliance,
  5. ensure that official tax receipts are duly processed; and
  6. work with the Chair, the Fundraising Chair, the Administrative Chair and the Leader to develop and approve the Party budget;
  7. to attend provincial government’s Elections Advisory Committee meetings, or if unable to attend, to appoint a Provincial Council member to attend instead;
  8. Act as Chair of the Finance Committee.
Three Directors-at-large shall:
  1. participate in standing committees of Provincial Council;
  2. undertake tasks necessary for the Party as they arise.
The Female and Male Ombudspersons shall:
  1. follow the procedures as stipulated in the Code of Ethics and by the Provincial Council in dealing with complaints against Party members and report on these cases to Provincial Council;
  2. perform exit interviews with Provincial Council  members at the end of their service.

For more information about any of the open positions, please contact us at [email protected].


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