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No one owns my vote



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  • Drew Fenwick
    commented 2013-05-14 08:06:52 -0700
    This is just a ridiculous supposition:
    A very clever fellow named Albert Einstien said " The definition of Insanity is when you repeat an experiment over and over again without changing any of the conditions and expect a different outcome."

    We all know the Liberals are done today. The new kids on the block are Green and NDP scare tactics worked to stop the election of Donald Galloway Federally – I won’t get fooled again. I am voting for what I think are the party that best represents my values – That’s the Greens.

    I don’t trust Dix – his flip flops and a sudden keen interest in protecting the coast. If thats the case then why did they take the political donations from Enbridge. Nope to the NDP – they lie.
  • Frank Sunshine
    commented 2013-05-12 05:42:07 -0700
    Here are the electoral districts which lost to the liberals in the last election because of vote splitting:
    Kamloops-North Thompson
    Maple Ridge-Mission
    Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows
    Burnaby North
    Comox Valley
    Saanich North and the Islands

    If this election is lost due to vote splitting we can expect to see 400 huge tankers per year drifting through the islands – each one a potential death sentence to our environment, our home prices, and our economy. How green is that? I will be voting NDP because it is the party most likely in my riding to defeat the Liberals. You can find out which party in your riding is most likely to defeat them by going to this link and studying how your party stacked up in the last election. Sure things have changed but not very much. And if the NDP is elected you will not only have a cleaner environment, you will also have new election laws forbidding campaign contributions from corporations and from unions – which will ensure that every party in all the elections after will have a much better chance of getting its members elected. Here is the link: