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Selected to run as the BC Greens Candidate in 2020, Nicole entered the race late and came in a close second with 31% of the vote. She easily won the City Councillor seat in the Nelson by-election with 75% of the vote and the highest-ever youth turnout.

“I have been working hard to be your next MLA by travelling across our new Kootenay Central riding, engaged in thoughtful discussions about critical issues that affect us all. Your concerns regarding political representation, rural healthcare, affordability, water security, and the need for housing for workers and young families remain at the forefront of our shared priorities.

We are less than one year from the next BC election. We will need every vote to count. Your support is invaluable in ensuring that our needs are heard and met at the provincial level.

You have my personal invitation to get involved with my campaign. Your participation is crucial in making our shared vision a reality. Whether it’s through volunteering, hosting a kitchen table talk where we can discuss concerns as a group, or donating - every little bit adds up.

Your support fuels my determination, your collective voices guide my actions, and your dreams inspire my dedication.

I am determined to be part of a government that works for us. We are different here in the Koots and we want location specific solutions to the issues of our times. I know we can do this together. Reach out. Join my campaign.”

Contact: [email protected] | 778-721-0349

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Nicole LeBlanc Charlwood was raised in urban and rural Ontario, is of English and Acadian heritage and graduated high school with a French immersion certificate. Upon moving to the Kootenays in 2001, she married her husband Chris, and they became parents.

She chose to study Economics because of her interest in people’s behaviours and curiosity about how they organize themselves around the different aspects of their lives. She graduated with honours from the University of Waterloo.

Her degree in Economics led to her working with the Ministries of Education and Industry, Trade and Technology. She then moved into the private sector, working as an underwriter for Manulife Financial and an ISO 9001-trained project manager in complex information systems for CGI Inc. and Organic Inc.

Nicole’s next phase of work as an independent travel and tour operator brought her to the Kootenays twenty years ago. While raising her young children, she managed a guest house.

In 2012, she joined the BC Greens and became the local campaign manager for a decade. She continued her advocacy work, including serving as Executive Director at the West Kootenay EcoSociety, as an Elections Canada Finance Officer and most recently as Executive Director of the newly formed West Kootenay Watershed Collaborative.

Nicole is dedicated to serving her community through volunteering on various boards of directors and is a driver for seniors. Nicole’s grandparents instilled in her the values of living in harmony with the land, bird watching, fishing, hunting and foraging. Her parents taught her the importance of participating in the electoral process to bring change and find meaningful work. 

At thirteen, Nicole served as a young Page in the legislature. Since then, she has been gaining valuable experience and preparing for her role as your next MLA.

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