Nicola Spurling bio

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With experience in project management, construction, sales, economics, research and marketing, Spurling brings a unique variety of skills to the table. Spurling chairs the Vancouver Pride Society's Outreach Committee, which travels throughout British Columbia, supporting other communities and fielding LGBTQ2+ related questions. In a time of uncertainty and dirty politics, Spurling strives to remain positive and lead by example.  

Spurling has spent her life in the greater Vancouver area; gaining an understanding of people's needs, and how those needs have shifted over the years. She has also spent time travelling; learning about how others govern themselves, and how British Columbia is viewed by non-residents.

Spurling is committed to upholding the B.C. Green Party's core values of sustainability, respect for diversity, participatory democracy, ecological wisdom, social justice, and non-violence. Economic, social, environmental and fiscal sustainability can all be achieved, and are crucial for the long-term well-being of British Columbia.

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