21st Century way to finance elections

I really like the bill including the per vote financing of political parties. Under current system taxpayers are funding political parties big time, with maximum rebates for big donors being about $550 so this is nothing new. The per vote financing of political parties is fair. No taxpayer will have their $2.50 given to a party they didn't vote for. 796,772 Liberal voters will contribute to the Liberals, 795, 106 NDP voters will contribute to the NDP, and 332,387 Green voters will contribute $2.50 to the party they voted for. What's unreasonable about that? It will be the only tiny fraction of the taxes you pay that you have any say in how it is spend.

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Thank you very much for your support Murray. We greatly appreciate your feedback and we agree! 

British Columbians should be able to trust their government to put them - not special interests - first. This legislation is a big step towards restoring that trust. In our consultations leading up to the introduction of this legislation, our caucus’ core goals were to ban on corporate and union donations, to ensure B.C. is among the lowest individual contribution limits in the country and that this happened immediately as one of the first bills tabled in the legislature!


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