MLA Adam Olsen responds to the 2020 Speech from the Throne

February 12, 2020

VICTORIA, B.C. - Adam Olsen, Interim Leader of the B.C. Green Party, MLA for Saanich North and the Islands and member of the Tsartlip First Nation gave his response today to the Speech from the Throne.

“This Throne Speech rightfully highlights many of the shared accomplishments of the BC Green Caucus and the NDP Government,” said MLA Olsen.

“The B.C. Green Caucus is proud to be an active partner in seeing progress on many issues that British Columbians have been calling for, including: advancing world renowned climate-economic policies, increasing accessibility to child care options, developing a comprehensive suite of policies to improve housing affordability, and to be the first jurisdiction in North America to enact the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.” 

The 2020 Throne Speech marks the third year of the NDP minority government, supported by the B.C. Greens through the Confidence and Supply Agreement. 

“One feat that is often overlooked is the continuation of a minority government that many were betting would face an early demise. I believe this is because our allegiance is not to the NDP, but to the issues as articulated in CASA.” 

The B.C. Greens have two roles in this government: first as a partner in upholding CASA and supporting progress on shared commitments and second as an opposition party, holding the NDP government accountable.

“While we have seen significant progress on some of the important issues facing British Columbians, we also continue to see many of the same choices being made by this government as the previous government. 

“This government continues to forego the significant economic opportunities that can be leveraged through putting climate and innovation at the centre of economic development. B.C.’s future does not lie in the taxpayer-subsidized expansion of fossil fuels like LNG. It lies in using climate action as an economic driver: in being smarter about how we develop our natural resources, harnessing technology to improve efficiency, and encouraging companies to stay and grow within our borders.” 

The BC Green Caucus expects that both the Innovation Commissioner’s final report and the Emerging Economy Task Force report will be made public in the near future and should play an important role in shedding light on both opportunities and challenges in seizing this future.

MLA Olsen also responded to the escalating protests that have taken place across B.C. in solidarity with the Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs.

“The protests are a reflection of the larger challenges we face as we navigate reconciliation and economic development in a time of climate change.” said MLA Olsen. “It’s more important than ever that this Government - through their actions - offer a pathway forward.”


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