Raising Taxes and Cost in BC and Canada

The fact is at some point or some where we are going to pay more taxes and higher cost's for something like,

What British Columbians will pay more for in 2017


People don’t like hearing about raising taxes to pay for things like better education, better health care or infrastructure, but that’s why we pay taxes . We pay taxes for things we need or needs to be fixed, upgraded, built or for extra services that people need that may not be profitable but are needed for the support of the population . I would much rather have a government spend our tax dollars on the general population then,

Canadians pay hefty $684B bill in business subsidies over 30 years, study shows


Canada's $6.4 billion corporate welfare budget


[PDF]Government subsidies in Canada: A $684 billion ... - Fraser Institute


The Government is supposed to be there for the people, the general population, not for profits of a few Corporations and the very rich .

John Robson: Corporate welfare is all about trading favor's and buying influence


BC’s Massive Tax Giveaway to the Rich


I would much rather have my taxes spent on the general population needs then the needs of the Corporations. I think the Green Party understands the mismanagement of where our taxes are going and who is benefiting. I am not benefiting the way I need yet the Corporations are doing quite well in BC and Canada’s Corporate Welfare System.

Don’t think for a moment that taxes won’t be raised or prices of things wont go up no matter who gets voted into power. The question is do you want someone that is voted in power for the general population benefit or the Corporations benefit.

I hear about cuts to programs and support services because we don’t have enough money but yet Corporations Welfare System is doing just fine, but we don’t hear about that. We hear the Government doesn’t have enough money for programs for services and therefore they have to cut those non-profitable services from our system.

Non-Profitable services is something that is needed for the general population if raising taxes gives us those non-profitable services then raise the taxes OR CUT THE CORPORATE WELFARE SYSTEM !!! And put OUR TAX DOLLARS BACK INTO the HANDS of the GENERAL POPULATION'S NEED'S FIRST before the needs of the CORPORATE WELFARE need's !!!

Examples of Non-Profitable NEEDS are things like Education, Infrastructure, Health Care, and a ton of services for helping the general population in need of a range of services that are not profitable but are needed .


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