Why become a member?

Membership in the BC Green Party sends a message to government and citizens in BC demonstrating that you are committed to the values of the party and to creating change in this province in a way that reflects those values.

What can I do as a member?

BC Green Party membership allows you to:

  • Participate in your local riding with the selection and nomination of candidates
  • Participate in the development of party policy
  • Vote in party elections (eg: Provincial Council and party Leader)
  • Remain engaged with party activities and opportunities for volunteering and events.

What are the different memberships for?

Every type of membership gives you the same member privileges.

General Memberships in the BC Green Party are based on a minimum donation of $10 per year. Once you become a member, we will renew it for one year with every contribution you make, until you contact us to cancel your membership. Monthly donations are a great way to keep your membership active. You can check your current membership status at

Free Youth Memberships are available for those 25 & under.

To make membership in the party more equitable and representative, you may now also apply for an exemption on membership fees for one of two reasons: 

  • due to financial hardship, or
  • if you are a BC resident, but neither a Canadian citizen nor permanent resident.
    (The Elections Act requires Citizenship or Permanent Residency in order to financially contribute to a political party or candidate. Membership fees are considered political contributions.)

Will I get a membership card?

The BC Green Party does not currently issue membership cards.

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