Meet Andrew Weaver

MLA and BC Greens Leader

Hello, I’m Andrew Weaver and I’m your MLA for Oak Bay-Gordon Head. I ran for politics because I believe we need to change the tone of the conversation in BC’s legislature. I chose to run for the Green Party as it values strong, independent voices and credible, evidence-based ideas.

I draw much of my inspiration from this community that I’ve been proud to call home for my entire life. I was born in Victoria, attended Oak Bay High School, raised my family in Gordon Head and built a career here. As a professor at the University of Victoria for the past twenty years, I have been fortunate enough to work with, and teach, some of the brightest minds in science.

For me, science is most exciting when it makes a positive difference in our lives. This is why I chose to become a climate scientist. I currently serve as Lansdowne Professor, and prior to my election was the Canada Research Chair in Climate Modelling and Analysis, in the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences at the University of Victoria. I've been a Lead Author on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s scientific assessments and I have authored or coauthored over 200 peer-reviewed papers in climate, meteorology, oceanography, earth science, policy, education and anthropology journals. I was also the Chief Editor of the Journal of Climate from 2005-2009.

I am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society, the American Meteorological Society, the American Geophysical Union and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Over the years I was honoured to receive numerous awards including the E.W.R. NSERC Steacie Fellowship in 1997, the Killam Research Fellowship and a CIAR Young Explorers award as one of the top 20 scientists in Canada under the age of 40 in 2002, the CMOS President’s Prize in 2007, a Guggenheim fellowship in 2008 and the Royal Society of Canada Miroslaw Romanowski Medal and the A.G. Huntsman Award for Excellence in Marine Science in 2011. In 2008 I was also appointed to the Order of British Columbia and in 2013 I was awarded a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal.

To have an impact science needs to be shared, and so I have also come to believe that for science to be effective, it must be communicated effectively. This belief has informed not only my work at the university, but also my involvement in the community--particularly with children and youth.

I love working with young people and seeing their enthusiasm for education grow. I believe the better educated our children are, the more effectively they will be positioned to tackle the challenges that will shape their future. This is why, for years now, I have delivered presentations in schools and opened my labs for class field trips. I am proud to have co-created our School-Based Weather Station Network (please visit the website at; many of you will have seen the weather being reported on CTV Vancouver Island from the school-based stations that I installed with my colleague Ed Wiebe. Through partnerships with local teachers, this initiative helped provide learning resources and curriculum materials to assist schools in delivering the K-12 BC Science curriculum.

Outside of the classroom, I have spent many of my weekends coaching soccer and I have enjoyed serving on community boards such as the CRD Roundtable on the Environment and the Victoria Confederation of Parents Advisory Councils.

My professional pursuits have afforded me many opportunities to advise local, provincial, national and international governments from a variety of political parties on the best ways we can apply science to develop sound policies.I have enjoyed this role. But the time has come for me to shift from an advisory role to a more active one.

I’m not your typical MLA, but I made the shift from science to politics because I want to use my background in science, policy and the community to offer perspectives that will strengthen our province and its future.

We have a lot of work to do over the next two years. I will be here to answer to you, the voters of Oak Bay Gordon Head and if there’s one thing I was reminded of during my election campaign, it’s how much this community means to me. This is my home and I will do everything I can to build it and to protect it.

On November 24 at the University Club of Victoria I outlined a new vision for a prosperous future for all British Columbians as I formally declared my candidacy for the leadership of the BC Green Party.

In May 2017 British Columbians will head to the polls to elect a new government. For the first time in more than two decades we have a chance to facilitate real change. For the first time in more than two decades British Columbians will have a chance to vote for people and a party that inspire them rather than being forced to vote against people or a party that don’t.

In 2017 the BC Greens will be fielding a suite of exceptionally talented candidates across British Columbia. I’ve been working hard to ensure that we have an experienced team ready for the challenge.  We’ll be offering British Columbians a real choice and a fresh vision, not tired politicians and more of the same from the last two decades.

There is an enormous desire for real change in British Columbia and the BC Greens are positioned to be that agent of change.

Together, let's move our province forward.

--Andrew Weaver


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