April 07, 2013
Contact: Craig Spence

Elizabeth May, Jane Sterk campaign in Victoria - Beacon Hill

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Green Party of Canada Leader Elizabeth May and Green Party of BC Leader Jane Sterk spent Saturday together campaigning in Sterk's Victoria - Beacon Hill riding. With just over five weeks remaining until the May 14 provincial election the leaders are encouraging Green supporters to get involved, help elect alternative voices into the BC Legislature, and create a 'new style of politics' in BC....

May, who won Saanich - Gulf Islands in the last federal election, is the first ever Green MP in Canada; Sterk is working hard with South Vancouver Island candidates Andrew Weaver in Oak Bay - Gordon Head; Adam Olson in Saanich North and the Islands; and Susan Low in Esquimalt - Royal Roads to become the first ever Green MLAs in BC Legislature.

Addressing supporters at Green Party of BC Headquarters - before heading out to talk with constituents in Fernwood, Fairfield and James Bay - both leaders pointed out that the next governing party in BC is very likely going to be the NDP, which has an overwhelming lead in the polls. That changes the dynamics for voters, opening an opportunity for them to vote for change, instead casting 'strategic' ballots.

"The message is really: What kind of opposition do you want?" May said.

"That's more and more our message," Sterk agreed. Do you want to support a group of BC Liberals "who are going to spend the next four years defending what is an indefensible record, or do you want a constructive group of people who will go in and work with the government and also hold the government accountable for the issues that people care about?"

Both leaders spoke about the need to focus on issues, not personalities, and to work 'across party lines' to offer the kind of government British Columbians want. "We will bring a more constructive, more civil, more respectful attitude into the Legislature," Sterk said. She also vowed to advocate for increased public involvement and input into the legislative process.

To see what the Green Party of BC wants to achieve in the Legislature, read The Green Book 2013.

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