Free Transit for Children

Toronto: Children under 12 ride free.

Boston: Children under 11 ride free.

London: Children 12 and under ride free.

Montreal: Children under 11 ride free.

New York: Children under 44’’ ride free.

Vancouver: Children 5- 18 pay $1.75-$3.75.

Victoria: Children 5-18 $2.50.

If BC is serious about creating a generation of transit users and transit supporters, the provincial government needs to make more of an effort to encourage ridership. The easiest way to do that is to make transit more affordable and convenient for families. The BC Green party should promise to make public transit free for children under the age of 12. It is an inexpensive promise that reinforces the Green party's commitment both reducing green house gases and the expenses of families.


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  • Ned Taylor
    commented 2017-03-05 19:34:44 -0800
    Absolutely. This kind of implementation in our transit system would drastically help low income families.
  • Ned Taylor
    tagged this with Important 2017-03-05 19:34:44 -0800
  • Marc Brunet-Watson
    commented 2017-02-23 20:28:22 -0800
    In my view, for a fare based ridership incentive programs to be effective as a means of increasing transit utilisation for families and job/leisure commuters in the medium to long term it would have to be coordinated with regional/municipal planning which in turn must be co-optimised with transit and road planning. The Translink municipalities have made great strides in recent years on the planning side with well thought out plans that encourage co-optimised development between residential zoning modernisations and urban transit planning. Unfortunately, the politics of “who pays” have always gotten in the way and this has limited progress. and resulted in what I really think have been unmerited criticism of Translink management. This has led to splits in the common front with examples such as Surrey focussing on its own LRT priorities that would meet their localised needs or West Vancouver proposing its own plans that don’t seem to consider what I’d call “throughput” as they get their riders to the downtown dump spots. Where is the vision for the future of transport back and forth across the harbour and across the river? What about the arterial waterways that make up the coastal communities? I’m far from an expert on transportation infrastructure but from what I can see we have plenty of good plans around BC but what we lack is the necessary provincial guidance to make these plans actually happen.
  • Lukas Reynolds
    commented 2017-02-23 16:23:14 -0800
    I agree with this proposal, it has many upsides and few downsides.

    It would help low income families while instilling good transit habits in kids who will grow up into the next generation of adults. For the relatively small downside of increased transit congestion and a small potential loss in profit for transit corporations, it seems well worth the investment.

    This would work especially well with increased transit funding for higher transit service.

    That said, I am against the new york method.
  • Lukas Reynolds
    tagged this with Important 2017-02-23 16:23:13 -0800
  • Julian Prior
    commented 2017-02-23 13:15:52 -0800
    Would love to see us campaign for free transit for everyone! But as a good first step definitely support this.
  • Marc Brunet-Watson
    commented 2017-02-18 14:52:29 -0800
    Good point. Make it free and maybe they’ll get “hooked”. It’ll also encourage low income families to take the bus because they’ll save a fare or two.
  • Marc Brunet-Watson
    tagged this with Important 2017-02-18 14:52:28 -0800
  • Sean Gray
    commented 2017-02-13 07:28:07 -0800
    Sounds great let’s do it
  • Sean Gray
    tagged this with Important 2017-02-13 07:28:07 -0800
  • Derek Cockram
    published this page in Make a suggestion 2017-02-12 13:13:06 -0800
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