LNG petition submitted to Legislature


"It gives me great pleasure to introduce a petition to the Legislature of 7,195 British Columbians who are respectfully requesting that the government end their singular focus on LNG, withdraw from the generational sellout embodied in the proposed PDA with Petronas and instead move towards supporting a diversified and resilient 21st-century economy in B.C."


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  • Ron Dalgliesh
    commented 2015-07-26 15:38:12 -0700
    Transportation of oil by pipelines is safer than transporting by truck or rail car, especially in the winter when avalanches are common. To really save the environment we need to dry clothes on a clothes line, grow gardens in our front yard, keep chickens and goats in our backyard, walk or ride our bikes to school,work or elsewhere. There is a market for our cars in the USA,Euope or Asia where people are not as “enlightened” as we are. Why don’t we “show the way”?

    Another suggestion is to have the government purchase all golf cources, which are already zoned “agricultural” and make them into gardens that can be used by people in highrises. Not only would it reduce the need for fuel to transport food, it would help to improve the health of seniors and others who don’t get enough exercise.
  • Janet Hudgins
    commented 2015-07-22 09:04:49 -0700
    We allowed this to happen to us and we have to take the responsibility to fix it. Abdicating by just not bothering to vote should by now make it clear that this has caused great grief.
    Politicians are chosen by us to work for the common good; we have allowed them to work to keep themselves in power instead. They have changed the politico to a corporate termite colony colonizing the rest of us for big business. It’s our job to turn it all around to a healthy, balanced system of government of cooperation and compromise where everyone is in and accounted for. We must Vote!
  • Gary Adams
    commented 2015-07-22 08:39:32 -0700
    Remember it’s still fossil fuel. It still causes global climate change.
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