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This week in Question Period – Wild salmon

This week, the MLAs focused their questions for the government on the fate of wild salmon in our province. Farmed salmon and other fish on several migratory routes have put wild salmon populations at significant risk, including near-extinction in some cases.

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Caucus responses to Throne Speech and Budget 2018

Official responses in the legislature to the NDP government's Throne Speech and Budget as well as caucus' initial reactions to Budget 2018 in the caucus office.

This week in Question Period

This week, caucus focused their questions for the government primarily on housing measures introduced in this week's provincial budget.

On Rachel Notley’s B.C. wine ban

It is outrageous and petty that Rachel Notley is using BC wine producers as pawns in her attempt to start a trade war,” said Stupka.

Reforming professional reliance

16 Years of short-sighted mismanagement of natural resources in this province has left a significant debt to wildlife populations, water quality, climate change resiliency, and economic sectors reliant on our forests. These have direct long-term costs and in many cases have resulted in a net negative impact on nearby communities including water quality and tourism revenue. Many wildlife populations are at a crisis point where hunting and recreation restrictions and culling are used to as a last resort to avoid complete species loss. This, however, does not address the bigger picture. There is a gross underfunding to support habitat protection, restoration and monitoring wildlife populations. BC is 25 times less funded per ha than states like Oregon with less biodiversity. 

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