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LNG in BC: “If we can pull this thing off!”

This morning we attended the LNG in BC: Opportunities and Challenges session at the Union of British Columbia Municipalities convention in Whistler, BC. The session should have been called LNG in BC: If we can we pull this thing off!”

The presenters highlighted the opportunity presented by the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) industry in British Columbia, but it lacked the balance needed to provide a fair analysis of what is really going on in the B.C. gas fields.

Chief Councillor Ellis Ross of the Haisla Nation

2 hours and 40 minutes later, Chief Councillor Ross is the second-to-last presenter and the first person to even mention the word "emissions" in this presentation on LNG in BC. 


Morning panels: LNG in BC and Earthquake preparedness

Good morning!

We've registered and are now in our morning sessions. Adam and Director of Communications Stefan Jonsson are at a panel discussion on LNG in BC, and Director of Development Wyatt Tessari and Admin and Volunteer Coordinator Jordan Bober are at the Earthquake preparedness session.

Adam and staff will provide analysis on the LNG presentations later in the day.

Honourable Rich Coleman, Minister of Natural Gas Development and Minister Responsible for Housing



Arrived in Whistler

Most of us are here now in Whistler, though we'll be joined by party Chair Bob Lorriman tomorrow morning. Adam's first event tomorrow morning will be a presentation and panel on LNG in the province. We'll also be meeting with stakeholders regarding B.C. Ferries and derelict water vessels tomorrow. 

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