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Open letter to Premier Christy Clark on education

RE: Public Education

Dear Premier Christy Clark,

I am concerned by your approach to public education. As you may know, I have two small children. My son is in grade two, and my daughter, who is almost three, is already very excited about joining her big brother at school.

Time to address the real issues facing local governments

When the provincial government appointed the Auditor General for Local Governments in 2011, I was a Councillor in the District of Central Saanich. The auditor was supposed to add value for local governments, but as we have learned this week, it appears the cost of the office has far outweighed its benefits.

B.C. Greens support democratic reform

Rep-the-Vote-2012-ballot-box-11-3-12.jpgThe Legislature was put on notice that the B.C. NDP will introduce private member’s legislation on democratic reform to move our electoral system from its current first-past-the-post to a form of proportional representation. The B.C. Green Party welcomes this effort by our colleagues in the Opposition.

Adam Olsen on the BC Greens (CFAX 1070, Victoria)

Time to start implementing Mount Polley report recommendations

MountPolley1.JPGLate last week the independent panel struck to determine the cause of the Mount Polley tailings pond breach released their report. It included a number of recommendations as to how we could modernize our B.C. mining sector. Unfortunately, instead of a collaborative effort to implement the recommendations, MLAs and pundits are trying to score political points off it.

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