A Labour Day Message

On_to_Ottawa.jpgAs the Labour Day holiday approaches, the BC Green Party will join other British Columbians around the Province to enjoy the last long weekend of summer. Students and their families will also be preparing for a return to school. But as Interim-Leader of the BC Green Party Adam Olsen points out, Labour Day is much more than an unofficial end to summer and has deeper meaning for all British Columbians and Canadians.

Olsen asked British Columbians to pause and reflect this Labour Day weekend on the struggles that ordinary working people have endured for generations in Canada. Olsen said, “We owe them so much and we thank them. The BC Green Party also acknowledges that the struggle to achieve pay equity, a healthy workplace and employment fairness continues.”

“Remembering why we celebrate Labour Day and the workers of the past, who organized, fought and sacrificed, to make sure that all Canadians had safe working conditions, fair wages and labour equality…this is their legacy and this is why we remember their contributions on Labour Day,” Olsen said.

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