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The Kelowna West riding is one of Canada’s fastest growing regions with some of the best economic performance. The exceptional quality of life attracted me to live here. The potential of the region has led me to build my family and home here and has inspired me to make a positive contribution to its future.

In the face of growing challenges like congestion, high housing costs, and an opioid epidemic, maintaining what we value requires listening to community needs, pragmatic solutions, and a Provincial representative that can enable supportive action. I want to find solutions to these challenges and I have what it takes to listen and to act.

As an engineer, I have worked on many projects affected by policy including transportation, community development, and energy. What I’ve learned is that our barriers are often not technical but political. I heed my professional Code of Ethics, Duty to the Public, and personal obligation to use my expertise and raise my voice on your behalf. As a partner in a small business, I understand the challenges and will work hard to support growing small business in the area. As a father, I understand the financial challenges families face and want my son to inherit a healthier environment to allow for a prosperous future. This means serving for both my current and future community needs.

The Green Party has proven to be incredibly effective in holding government to account and implementing policy objectives well beyond their bench weight. They have elevated debate with evidence, not politics. They are the only party that can be trusted to bring back economic, social and environmental balance to BC. That’s what motivated me to run as your Kelowna West candidate.

Vote Green in Kelowna West for a sensible and influential voice in Victoria.

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About Robert

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Robert Stupka is a father, husband, award-winning professional engineer, Certified Passive House Designer, and business partner at Nido Design Inc.

Robert immigrated from Switzerland, grew up in Toronto, and completed his undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Ottawa. During his undergraduate studies, Robert worked primarily with children leading summer programs.

In the mid-2000s following university, Robert moved to BC for the skiing and worked as a geotechnical engineer in Kelowna for four years working on land development and energy projects throughout BC. The Okanagan was experiencing a point of high growth and the links between planning, infrastructure, energy, and their impacts on costs, community well-being, and the environment became of critical interest.

This motivated Robert to pursue his Master’s of Civil Engineering, Sustainable Infrastructure at the University of Toronto. There he gained technical expertise and interest in policy as they relate to transportation, energy, water and solid waste.

Upon completing his Master’s degree, Robert returned to Vancouver and then Kelowna, working as a consultant in energy planning, urban agriculture, solid waste management, and project economics, for municipalities and Indigenous communities throughout BC, Yukon, and Alberta.
In 2012, he received the Young Professional of the Year Award from the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC.

In 2016, Robert joined Nido Design Inc. as a partner to create a greater impact through the design and build of homes and buildings that use so little energy that they can offset their own demand. Robert gained firsthand experience through the Venture Acceleration Program of the thriving tech sector in Kelowna and the critical role of Accelerate Okanagan.

Robert has always voted for parties based on the quality of their policies. Robert was attracted to the BC Green Party because their policies make sense and come from evidence and collaboration. In the 2017 election, many recognized that the province was out of balance, leading to consequences that could last for generations.

Robert provided strategic support for Alison Shaw’s campaign (Kelowna-Lake Country) which saw breakthrough support for the BC Greens.

With three MLAs elected, the BC Greens have provided much-needed balance to what has been a polarized BC. They are asserting significant influence in drafting and implementing smart legislation that benefits all British Columbians.

Choosing to run for office is admittedly a difficult decision for Robert, a non-politician currently with a growing and impactful business. However, the opportunity for Kelowna West to shape policy through the Greens is one he recognizes as timely and important.

Robert hopes that he can inspire voters to seize this opportunity.

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