Just like so many of us, I am passionate about building a government guided by a common, democratic integrity that is responsive to the concerns of B.C. residents and non-partisan evidence instead of large corporate and union donors.

As a mother, a business owner, and a conscientious citizen, I have been concerned by the multiple ways that the real issues facing our citizens and our communities such as childcare, housing and the need to invigorate our local economies, are being systematically neglected. With tax-payer funded advertising, we are constantly hearing that our economy is thriving and yet income inequality and unemployment is still far too prevalent. Instead of PR, we need evidence to drive our politics and we need leadership to do it. 

I am throwing my hat in with the Greens, the only party with the vision, integrity and leadership to lead B.C. into the 21st century. I am thrilled to be part of the movement that is offering a pragmatic and genuine alternative for voters in this election.

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