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Kathleen Harris has been a dedicated Registered Nurse for 30 years, she is an Instructor at the University of Victoria, where she teaches others about health and wellness promotions, the cost effectiveness of preventative health, and sustainable community development. She is an impassioned community advocate with an understanding of the complexity of societal wellbeing.

Kathleen holds a Masters of Nursing Degree in Advanced Practice Leadership and is continuing her Doctoral degree in Health Promotions Leadership.

Kathleen and her extended family have lived and worked in the Nanaimo area for many generations. Her family has farmed on Gabriola Island, fished the local waters in the Nanaimo area for over a 100 years, and manned the Entrance Island Lighthouse for decades. Kathleen is committed to using proven knowledge, not misguided ideology, to guide our government decisions and to create positive change for Nanaimo and BC. She is committed to using her leadership skills to benefit the wellbeing and potential of all people. Kathleen is passionate about supporting our youth to have opportunities that allow them to develop to their full potential.

Kathleen has the leadership knowledge and skills needed to develop the strengths of our local people, families, businesses, and economies in ways that keep jobs and resources revenues localized. Her goals are to support local economies in ways that promote inclusivity, increased prosperity, health, and wellbeing for all. She is both a visionary and goal setter. She has the drive and a proven track record of meeting goals through determination and collaborative leadership. There are many ways we can improve the financial situation of the Nanaimo area and the province of BC, ways that keep dollars in BC and promote sustainable jobs. We do not need to export BC jobs with our resources. The people of Nanaimo can and should be doing better. We are gifted to live and work on this amazing island. We can thrive in ways that promote people's abilities rather than corporate dollars. We can prosper while protecting our most valuable resources- the land and oceans of the beautiful West Coast, Doing it right means with thoughtful, informed insight and responsible action.

It is the people and the land that make our piece of Vancouver Island such an amazing place to live and work.

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