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Kalen Harris has been a student of society his entire adult life. During his work as a youth outreach worker for the Prince George Native Friendship Centre while studying at the University of Northern British Columbia, Kalen began to understand the very real impacts policy has on people. The weight of this experience steered him from his initial pursuit of environmental studies towards political science. In 2003 Kalen moved to Victoria to attend the University of Victoria and pursue a degree in Political Science. He focussed on comparative politics, with an emphasis on European politics and graduated with distinction in 2007.

Kalen has worked for many years in the service industry, exploring Australia, South East Asia, and returning for a period to Germany, where he worked as a translator and began studying coffee. It was during his time in Hamburg, that his interest in local political and social institutions was rekindled. Upon returning to Victoria, he saw an opportunity to establish a coffee house that reflected his experiences in Europe - key among them was the value of community building.

Kalen has demonstrated his devotion to his community over the past four years of running Shatterbox Coffee Bar. He’s offered his business as a forum for community events and social enterprises, supported local charities and nonprofits, and participated in nonpartisan voter engagement programs. He strives to demonstrate corporate responsibility by using 100% compostable cups, buying from local suppliers where possible and even offering coffee grounds to local gardeners.

Knowing that being a part of a community means getting involved, Kalen is an active member of his business’ and personal community associations.. It is through his passionate involvement in the community that he was encouraged to seek the nomination of the BC Greens, and it is with great pride that he has accepted the nomination to run for MLA in Victoria Beacon Hill.

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