Joe Keithley bio

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Joe grew up in Burnaby and he graduated from Burnaby North. He then went to SFU to pursue his dreams of becoming a civil rights lawyer. But that ambition was soon set aside when he started his band D.O.A., which went onto world wide acclaim and sold a million albums along the way. He has also been the president of a highly successful record company/music management business for the past 20 years. From this enterprise he has learned how to organize large teams of people and negotiated hundreds of contracts. Joe would apply this common sense approach if elected.

His background is in the music business, but he's also a husband and a proud father of three successful grown children and of course he's a committed environmentalist. Joe has been an active volunteer coaching youth lacrosse, soccer and baseball in Burnaby. He has organized and performed at many benefit concerts for good and just causes like women's rights, environmental issues, union rights, first nations rights, as well as events against war, racism and weapons proliferation. Joe has also staged many benefit events for our local food banks.

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