Provide the necessary funding to maintain Provincial Parks in a pristine condition.

Provincial budgets for maintaining BC Parks have been drastically reduced over the past years. The primary mandated priority for BC Parks is to maintain natural values. In many cases the main issue involved is the damage to natural values, including in-grown forests, due to decades of fire suppression. In some cases it is thought that the forests in parks are vulnerable to devastating natural fire. Removal of the ingrown young trees is expensive and a solution supported by the government is to contract the commercial logging of most of the timber in the Park, including most of the largest timber. This is attractive for BC Parks as they get to keep the stumpage paid on the timber and can use it towards the costs of logging the Parks and also for clean-up after the logging. The logging methods used, at least in the current logging of Premier Lake Provincial Park, is industrial logging involving the largest logging trucks, skidders and ​ faller-bundlers. It is inevitable that this heavy equipment and the logging road construction required to support them will scar Park lands. There exists other technologies for tree removal including smaller less impactful equipment. The economics of the current approach require that the majority of the largest trees be removed while clearly the ecological values are maximized if the smallest trees, those that contribute most to the fire hazard are removed. Currently the economic considerations trump the ecological considerations. Our platform should include a plank that BC Parks be provided with sufficient funding to maintain the pristine nature of the parks and which maximizes ecological, not economic, values.


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  • Adam Clarke
    commented 2017-02-10 01:16:03 -0800
    I understand that BC currently employs 7 full-time park rangers, and the government recently announced plans to expand to 32. We have around 1000 parks and protected areas, so a contingent of 500 full-time rangers does not seem excessive.
  • Adam Clarke
    tagged this with Important 2017-02-10 01:16:02 -0800
  • Bill Masse
    commented 2016-12-14 13:36:43 -0800
    John, as Research and Policy Chair and Vice Chair of the Platform Policy Advisory Committee I want to thank you for your platform suggestions. I note you have made another suggestion on bio-diversity. You have raised some very important issues and spurred discussion in our platform team.
    Bill Masse
  • John Campbell
    published this page in Make a suggestion 2016-12-05 16:05:55 -0800
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