Jim Mason

For Councillor-at-large


As per the BC Green Party’s bylaws, all members may vote for the Councillor-at-Large.

By accident of birth, we occupy the crux of history. The fate of civilization rests squarely on the shoulders of our time. It is our responsibility to champion the radical change required. Ecological and climate crises demand abrupt action, the luxury of delay an illusion. Targets are not action, promises are not action, speeches are not action, they are delay. Suzanne Simard noted that if you want change you cannot hide. I want a Green Party that accepts the responsibility of our time and does not hide the depth of change required behind a desire for electoral success.

About Jim

Jim decided young that his mission was to walk softly within this planet. An early back-to-the-lander who became a single father and learned rather quickly that he could not do it all. He sought the help of welfare twice and was humbled to an understanding of the fine line we all walk. Jim found employment that meshed with his perspective; as a labourer in the coastal mountains, building campsites and trails for Provincial Parks and as a naturalist for Provincial and Regional Parks. Jim worked for several jurisdictions with increasing responsibility. Jim managed the maintenance and outdoor recreation for a large Municipal Parks system.

Along the way, he took training in Public Sector Administration, conflict management, strategic management, and facilitation. Jim has served on the Strategic Management team for a large municipality, managed operating and capital budgets, reported to Commissions and Councils, facilitated public discussion, liaised with non-profit community organizations. Although passionate about the importance of Parks for health, of the planet, the community and the individual, Jim found the mountain of societal inertia reluctant to move past the comfortably known. Jim's sincere hope is that the Green Party as a movement, by virtue of being a political party with unwavering integrity, can create the momentum for change.

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