Jerry Kroll appointed Spokesperson for Transportation

February 02, 2017

VANCOUVER B.C. – Jerry Kroll, B.C. Green Party candidate for Vancouver-Mount Pleasant, has been appointed by leader Andrew Weaver as the party’s Spokesperson for Transportation. Kroll is an entrepreneur, the founder of KleenSpeed Technologies at the NASA research park in Mountain View, California, and President and CEO of ElectraMeccanica Vehicles Corp.

“I am very pleased to be the B.C. Green Party Spokesperson for Transportation, as mobility is an area that affects everyone, from children going to school, to people going to work, and businesses trying to deliver products”, Kroll said. “None of these groups can be happy with the amount of congestion and disorganization on the streets of BC, or the cost of insuring vehicles.

"The world is clearly transitioning away from fossil fuel transportation, and while countries in Europe are leading the way, B.C. is sliding further and further behind in both technology and adoption. Delivering affordable, efficient public transit; ensuring fair and dependable province-wide ferry service; cleaning up emissions; easing congestion on roadways, and making British Columbia’s drivers the safest and best drivers in the world is my mandate, and it won’t take long. Everyone can see the future; we just need the common sense to proceed!”

“Jerry has dedicated his life in recent years to solving challenges in transportation through innovative work in energy and climate change mitigation”, Weaver added. “He makes an ideal spokesperson for transportation, which is critical to a sustainable 21st century economy and society. I would like to thank him for bringing his leadership to this file.”

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