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West Vancouver-Sea to Sky

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This riding very nearly went Green in the last 2020 BC election, finishing only 60 votes (0.2%) behind the incumbent MLA. In 2024, we will complete our mission to represent the people of West Van-Sea to Sky in a new way, with an emphasis on health and wellbeing, climate action, affordability and regional transit.

I have again put my name forward to be a BC Green MLA because I believe we can have an important impact on the health of BC politics with a vigorous third party, fight for government accountability, and make the world a better place for our children and grandchildren. History has shown that the BC Greens were far-sighted on climate change, and based on those same core principles, we continue to generate forward-looking, innovative ideas and initiatives to help safeguard and improve the lives of British Columbians.

Help us to make life better for West Vancouver-Sea to Sky:

Pause Woodfibre LNG  Bring regional transit to S2S  Housing is a human right  Access to a family doctor

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About Jeremy

Jeremy's primary motivation to run for the BC Greens in 2020 was to advocate for climate action, to fight for a better future for his then 6-year old twin daughters. He has worked as a consulting engineer in environmental assessment and restoration, local government staff and elected municipal Councillor.

In the past several years as Chair of Provincial Council and director of a riding association, he has found a deep appreciation and resonance with the other transformative approaches the BC Greens offer: a collaborative approach to politics, a principle- and purpose-driven third party to strengthen our B.C. democracy, and a focus on the interconnectedness between planetary health and human well-being.

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