Jennifer Holmes bio

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Jennifer has been a resident of the Fraser Valley for 15 years, most recently moving to Mission in 2013. Born and raised in B.C., Jennifer has been an active participant in the political process of the province and understands the unique challenges that we face in our changing world. 

After graduating high school in 1978, she went on to study Architectural/Civil Drafting at Vancouver Vocational Institute where she gained an understanding of technical challenges of new construction. A few years later she returned to Vancouver Community College for the Heritage Building Restoration program and was involved in the restoration of historically significant buildings in Vancouver. As a strong believer in the importance of the past, Jennifer has been a supporter of preserving our heritage and culture. Jennifer has a strong belief that we can gain insight into our future by learning from the past.

A "Jill of All Trades", Jennifer has found satisfaction in the varied jobs she has had over the years. From nurse's aid to bookseller, landscaper to logistics professional, Jennifer has gained a rare insight into the varied challenges of many different careers. Currently she is employed in the Health Care field as a patient transfer driver.

Her interests in the Arts which led to a Diploma in Textile Arts from Capilano College in the late 90's. Theatre, music and literature have always been a part of Jennifer's daily life. 

The love of the outdoors and the natural world comes naturally to Jennifer thanks in part to a family that took every opportunity to teach her about the importance of respect for the world around us.

Jennifer's commitment to her friends and family has nurtured in her an empathy for her fellow citizens. Always willing to lend a hand, Jennifer believes that community service is the best way to initiate change in society.

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