Indigenous reconciliation

Indigenous reconciliation

The passage of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act (DRIPA) was a historic step in the fight to recognize and affirm Indigenous rights. We’re at the beginning of a long journey of reconciliation and the next steps are to put the legislation into practice and apply UNDRIP to the laws of British Columbia.

The BC Greens are committed to working every day to ensure the provincial government delivers on its commitment to creating an action plan, as required by the legislation, to implement the DRIPA. The time for words is over. The provincial government needs to be ready to implement and live up to our commitment.

In the face of COVID-19, we need to double down on the urgency of the action plan, committing new resources and energy to reforming our relationships with Indigenous communities across all aspects of our society and our economy.

Even as the work on the action plan begins, it is clear we need urgent action in specific areas. We are proposing concrete first steps for the BC Greens and Indigenous communities to work in partnership to advance on energy security, child welfare, economic development, healthcare and wild salmon.

The BC Greens' plan for Indigenous reconciliation

The budget for implementation will be determined once we have a clearer idea of the scope of work and timetable.

Programs that provide wraparound services and supports to help families stay healthy and together.

While prioritizing opportunities to expand public healthcare services within communities, as led by Indigenous leadership.

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