How are you protecting the open voter registration from manipulation or fraud?


There are many safeguards in place to ensure the integrity of the voting process:

    1. Voter registration requires the individual to disclose their home address, phone number, and unique email address. This allows us to verify that they are who they say they are through computer analysis and by contacting them directly.
    2. Individuals must also confirm that they own the email address they have provided by clicking on a link sent to their inbox after registration. No one else will be able to use that email address to register. This helps to prevent one individual from creating multiple registrations.
    3. Staff at the BC Green Party head office are also monitoring voter registrations constantly. They will investigate and follow up on suspicious activity immediately.
    4. The Leadership Committee can expel registered voters if they are found to be fraudulent or acting in malicious ways.
    5. The Leadership Committee also expects most voter registrations to be facilitated by leadership campaigns in person (such as at events). In-person voter registration can only take place at small gatherings where physical distancing can be maintained as directed by the Provincial Health Officer. Where it does occur, it is very difficult to manipulate. 
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