Housing Support

Housing Support

The inflated real estate market is a real danger to our economy and people. This crisis can be confronted by offering support and supplements to renters, diversifying accessible housing for all, and developing solutions to curb rising STRATA insurance costs. Our ultimate goal is to provide affordable and energy-efficient housing options to all British Columbians.

The BC Greens' plan for Housing Support

Sky-high rents and the rising cost of living have severe impacts on health and wellbeing, making it difficult to save and plan for the future. Helping tenants is the first step to fix this crisis. By providing a means-tested rental supplement, the gap can be closed between affordable rent and what renters are actually paying. Sign the Housing Grant petition and be a part of laying the groundwork for more affordable rental housing.

It is clear that flooding the market will not solve the housing crisis. We need a people-first approach that prioritizes affordable housing. This means expanding supports and security for co-ops, developing more townhouses and triplexes, establishing a capital fund for non-profit rental housing, closing tax loopholes that exempt foreign owners, creating a dedicated non-market housing fund for people with disabilities, and providing accessible transitional housing.

Rising STRATA costs are a significant stressor for many homeowners. By creating a taskforce that includes insurance brokers, insurers, and strata owners, we can begin to deal with the rising cost of strata insurance and develop solutions. 

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