Getting answers for parents and advocates

The province recently announced a change in support and funding for programs for children with neurodiverse needs and disabilities; which, instead of providing relief has left parents and advocates with more questions than answers and a lack of clarity on what the future of care looks like for their children. 

Sonia and Adam are calling for the government to provide answers to parents and support groups. Add your name to support this work.


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The NDP government announced the creation of “one-stop family connection hubs,” which will make care available for children under 19, with or without an official diagnosis or referral. Hubs will open in the northwest and central Okanagan in 2023 before launching across the province in 2024, with individualized funding stopping in 2025.

The new system will provide help to approximately 8,300 more children and their families, representing a 28% increase in the number of children who will be able to access disability supports and services. However, there has been no mention of additional funding allocated for these additional children.

The abrupt announcement of this new system leaves parents and advocates with lots of questions and not a lot of answers. Government has a responsibility to support families with this transition and has to provide more transparency of information.