Generate more jobs and revenue from what we harvest.


  • Ensure that small producers have access to fibre and incentivize value-added product innovation, including non-traditional uses of wood fibre including bio fuels, and productive uses of residual fibre.
  • Apply the carbon tax to slash-pile burning to reduce carbon emissions from our forestry sector and ensure that we use residual materials. 
  • Put an end to raw log exports. 
  • Ensure the benefits of B.C. resource flow to local communities by directly sharing more resource revenues with local First Nations, municipalities, and regional districts.
  • Better support forestry workers and communities, including through expanding investments into retraining and support finding new job opportunities. 
  • Investigate opportunities to diversify milling and secondary manufacturing to better use existing timber.
  • Promote more sustainable development of forest resources, including investing in tourism opportunities and low-carbon economies.
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