Furstenau: Horgan misleads on childcare record to justify unnecessary pandemic election

September 24, 2020

VICTORIA B.C. – BC Green Leader Sonia Fursenau is setting the record straight after John Horgan started another day of his unnecessary pandemic election misleading voters about his record - this time on child care. 

“John Horgan is contradicting his own Ministers on this issue. This is one of the areas we worked most effectively together and his Minister is on record saying so multiple times.” said Furstenau.

“Government and the B.C. Green caucus are working collaboratively to build quality, universal early childhood education in B.C.,” Furstenau said in the BC NDP government’s own news release about new childcare facilities in late 2018.

As noted in every government press release about childcare, investing in child care and early childhood education is a shared priority between the BC Green Party caucus and the B.C. NDP government and was part of the Confidence and Supply Agreement. It was a major focus of the B.C. Green caucus since 2017.

Furthermore, childcare was one of the key priorities in the September 18 letter Furstenau released, expressing the need to expand the affordability and access of childcare. 

“In conversations with B.C. NDP this summer we explicitly asked for more childcare action and pushed for legislation to lock this in for a fall session. Instead of legislation we got a fall election, and more misleading comments about why the B.C. NDP aren't delivering on something families desperately need.

“None of us should be debating childcare in the media today. We should be in the legislature working to pass legislation that strengthens access and affordability to childcare. Using the expansion of childcare, an issue we worked cooperatively and effectively with the government on, as another cheap justification for an election is shameful, and disrespectful of the work of his Minister.

“Childcare and education is core to a strong recovery. I will have more to say about how we can strengthen our approach in the days ahead.”

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