Food Security & Nutrition

Food Security & Nutrition

Nutritious and affordable food is crucial for the health and wellbeing of our families. Government must commit to protecting our food sources and keeping nutrition accessible. As climates change and major supplying regions become less viable, protecting our land and supporting our farmers is vital to the health and wellbeing of our people.

The BC Greens' plan for Food Security & Nutrition

Reliance on the import-export model is less viable than ever, and a strategy that supports our farmers and protects our farmland must be established. BC Greens presents a comprehensive plan to do so by diversifying and incentivizing BC farming, adding new regulations to the Agricultural Land Commission, and investing in agricultural research. Read the full plan here. 

Investing in our children will reduce strain on the healthcare system and create a happier, healthier BC. 

Funding should be provided to school districts for a food program that teaches nutrition and ensures children are provided with meals, without stigma. The specific needs of local communities should be carefully considered when developing programming. 

Access to nutritious food is a fundamental right, regardless of income or region.

We must improve the availability of high-quality, healthy food for low-income residents; and to addressing food insecurity among First Nation communities in a manner that respects and embraces traditional Indigenous knowledge and values.

Despite calls for action, the government has failed to take decisive steps to protect the salmon.

This province needs to appoint a Wild Salmon Commissioner and supporting secretariat. Their role would involve streamlining fisheries work within the BC government and advocating for salmon in negotiations with the federal government. Adam Olsen's report, "Standing Up for Wild Salmon," delves deeper into this issue.

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