Know people who are Green curious?


Let's take the next step together by finding new Greens in your personal networks!


  • Personal messages are stronger than general ones. Try reaching out to people on an individual basis, and consider following up with an in-person or phone conversation. It's a little more work, but most people respond well to a personalized note. 
  • Share a personal story. Personal stories show others why being a BC Green is so important to you. Why do you support the BC Greens? How did you get involved? Why do you spend so much time, energy, and money working to elect Green MLAs? Your story is inspiring, so share it with others!
  • Not everyone you ask will become a donor, and that's totally fine. When people aren't able to donate, take no as an answer and encourage people to get involved in other ways. Coming to events, volunteering, sharing social media content, and becoming a member are all great ways of participating.
  • Thank everyone who makes a contribution, and sometimes even those who decide not to. You are a BC Green ambassador and we need you to help us communicate our gratitude.
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