Green Party of BC 2013 Financial Report to Elections BC - unaudited

The Green was granted an extension to April 22, 2013 to file its financial report due to "extenuating circumstances." Those circumstances relate to a chronic illness of our auditor Stephen Rothwell. When Mr. Rothwell indicated there was a possibility that he might be too ill to complete the needed audit on time, we notified Elections BC and we were granted an extension. He did not complete the audit on time and we are now in the extension period. We expect to submit the financial report to Elections BC well before the extension deadline.

To address criticisms made via social media, we have posted the interim unaudited financial report. The audited final report was submitted to Elections BC well before the extension deadline. 

The link below is to the 2012 (January 1 to December 31) audited Elections BC Annual Financial Report Political Parties form.

Financial Report

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