Eric Kolotyluk bio

Eric Kolotyluk is an Information Technology professional with a diverse blend of academic and industry experience. Achieving a MSc. from SFU and BSc. from UBC, with a demonstrated passion for mathematics, science, and technology, he also has an unbounded love for the arts and our natural environment.

As a scientist, he has developed a profound respect for the universe, first working for the UBC Department of Astronomy as well as the Canada France Hawaii Telescope. Working in Hawaii he was further able to internalize the precious beauty of this small blue planet, just as Hawaii is a small green jewel in our deep blue sea.

Over a career of software development, communications and networking, project and staff management, administration, and interdisciplinary liaison he has worked with the US Department of Defense on the Defense Messaging System, as well as at Motorola helping develop, test, and deploy the world's first wireless internet (GPRS) which is the basis for all our mobile computing devices now.

Owning and operating a Marina, he developed entrepreneurial and business experience. Living in a housing cooperative, working on the board of directors and various committees, Eric gained insight into political and governance processes. As a director at large for the Liberal Party of Canada in 2014 (Vancouver South) he gained additional insights into our political and governance processes.

From high-school on-wards, Eric learned to appreciate BC's outdoors: skiing, hiking, sailing, camping, fishing, etc. In 2013 he purchased a Chevy Volt electric car as "an investment in the planet." While British Columbia has a long history of energy generation that does not contribute to green-house gases, it has other environmental concerns, and he has often advocated for newer forms of sustainable energy such as solar, wind, tides, waves, etc.

Following American politics intently for the last decade, Eric continues to develop concerns about uncivil political trends spilling over the border into Canada and British Columbia. Feeling alarm that BC has been described in the media as "the wild west of Canadian politics," he believes that British Columbia is in dire need of election reform, starting with eliminating 'pay for play' politics and other unfair lobbying by minority special interests.

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