Entrepreneur Dave Krysko endorses B.C. Green Party Strategy for the Emerging Economy

May 01, 2017

KELOWNA B.C. –Today, Dave Krysko, entrepreneur and co-founder of Club Penguin, endorsed the B.C. Green Party’s Strategy for the Emerging Economy.

“I’m pleased to endorse the B.C. Green Party’s strategy for the emerging economy,” said Krysko.

“The B.C. Greens’ strategy for the emerging economy encourages made-in-B.C. enterprise and innovation. I support their focus on creating long-term, high quality jobs, as well as ensuring a strong future for the B.C. economy that will provide a high quality of life for future generations.

“I’m confident that a B.C. Green Government will foster technological innovation and entrepreneurship, allowing B.C. to build on its strengths and the creativity of its residents.

“The B.C. Greens are committed to ensuring that B.C. is a leader in the emerging economy and that B.C. businesses are able to thrive under changing conditions,” said Krysko.

Dave Krysko is a successful entrepreneur, based in Kelowna. He co-founded Club Penguin, a popular massively multi-player online game that has over 250 million players worldwide.

“I’m thrilled that Dave Krysko is endorsing our strategy for the emerging economy,” said Weaver, in Kelowna today. “Dave recognizes that the future of B.C. lies in our innovative and creative sectors and the ability of B.C. entrepreneurs to create prosperity and long-term high quality jobs in B.C.,” said Weaver.

“The B.C. Greens are the only Party with a strategy to make B.C. competitive in the emergingeconomy. We recognize that we must seize the opportunities created by changing economic conditions and rapid technological change to build a clean, sustainable economy for us and for future generations.”

This morning B.C. Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver toured Accelerate Okanagan, a business accelerator for developing tech companies. According to Accelerate, the tech sector in the Okanagan has an economic impact of $1.3 billion. Okanagan is home to 633 tech companies, and 7600 jobs. 52% of employees are under age 35. The sector has seen 16% growth since 2013.

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As part of its strategy for the emerging economy, a B.C. Green government will:

Build a business environment for the new economy:

  • Establish an “Emerging Economy Task Force” to address the changing nature of business over the next 10 to 25 years.

  • Work with the Federal Government to develop a systematic approach to the tax system that is both progressive and neutral; that will simplify the tax system; and that will achieve other government goals such as greening the economy, and promoting risk taking and innovation.

  • Review existing government programs to ensure they are effectively supporting innovation, and new business models in the emerging economy.

  • Modernise labour laws to recognise new and emerging types of work relationships in the emerging economy, by introducing a fairer, more responsive and more inclusive code, that contributes to increased competitiveness.

Grow sustainable enterprises in B.C.:

  • Establish an Innovation Commission to support innovation and business development in the technology sector: and, appoint an Innovation Commissioner with a mandate to be an advocate and ambassador on behalf of the BC technology sector in Ottawa and abroad.

  • Invest up to $20 million per year to support ideation, mentoring and networking at post-secondary institutions to promote entrepreneurship, leadership and business skills development focused on entrepreneurship and risk-taking.

  • Provide up to $70 million over four years for qualifying entrepreneurs to leverage seed or angel funding.

  • Invest $50 million in business incubators, accelerators and affordable space for small and medium-sized enterprises.  

  • Promote innovative collaborations with domestic and international partners; facilitate strategic business mentoring; and invest $35 million over four years in talent to help create, grow and attract companies.

Encourage emerging opportunities:

  • Promote investment in clean energy and transportation, and green initiatives that create jobs and economic activity without increasing greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Invest $120 million over four years in partnerships with industry, academic institutions and government to support research, development and commercialization of climate friendly technologies.

  • Review the environmental legislative framework, to ensure the regulatory environment promotes adoption of green technologies and practices.

  • Use government procurement to encourage the greening of businesses, products and processes; and allocate $20 million per year to support the adoption of green technology.

  • Promote the use of clean technology to derive the maximum economic benefit from waste streams

  • Review the mandates and legislation of public sector agencies and Crown Corporations to ensure that they promote innovation and support business development. 

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