Employment & Training

Employment & Training

In 2020, the Expert Panel on Basic Income produced a comprehensive report with 65 recommendations. The recommendations aimed to improve Disability Assistance and Temporary Assistance, provide more support to vulnerable populations, and reform labour regulations. There has been minimal action taken to implement these recommendations. British Columbians deserve more labour protections that allow for more balanced lives with less employment related stress.

The BC Greens' plan for Employment & Training

For decades, labour policy has swung with political parties, failing workers and business owners. Adam Olsen and Sonia Furstenau aim to address this with Bill 10: Labour Relations Code Amendment Act. 

Bill 10 aims to bring stability to labour regulations by establishing an independent fair practices commissioner, mandating employers to re-employ injured workers and accommodate returns to work, and enhancing safeguards for workers in need of health professionals and compensation.

The way we work is evolving, and the traditional government concepts of employment no longer fit. The nature of gig work does not fit the old model, making collective bargaining challenging. 

Old solutions won't address these modern issues; we must support the Basic Income Report's call for new policies to improve labor relations.

People are exhausted, and the demand for a better work-life balance is evident. Businesses struggle with chronic understaffing and the need to retain talented employees. 

The four-day work week offers a solution to these issues. People will save on commuting costs, childcare expenses, and healthcare needs. In turn, businesses will be rewarded with skilled and dedicated employees for the long term.

How we support our education system reflects what we value as as society. With a worsening teacher shortage and increased mental health challenges, we are witnessing the results of undervaluing our educators. We must increase funding to alleviate education expenses and ensure living wages for educators. 

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