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The sooner these measures are in force, the better. This is a really good start to reversing the eroding state of democracy in British Columbia, but there is still more work to do. The government's budget needs to reflect funding for enforcement of these measures, especially as people, parties, corporations, and other special interests try to find new ways to undermine our democracy. More work needs to be done to reform elections and governance, such as eliminating first-past-the-post where results do not reflect what the voters really want. There needs to be some innovation in elections and governance, such as requiring truthfulness from candidates, elected representatives, and parties the same way we require veracity from witness testimony in a court of law, with the liability of perjury, or where advertisers must conform to the federal competition act and other laws. Finally, there needs to be tangible investigations of the misdeeds of the previous government and the Liberal Party of British Columbia, with an aim for determining legal liabilities, such as breach of trust, or at a minimum an official report and censure. The soundness and wisdom of selecting our elected officials is the most important civil duty we have, and the process should reflect that.

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Thank you for your feedback Eric. I agree more will need to be done to fully repair BC democracy. However, banning corporate and union donations is a huge start!! Electoral reform is a top priority and we appreciate your thoughtful advice. 


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    Ban big money bill: Good Start
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