Education Spokesperson Jonina Campbell on B.C. 2017 Budget

February 22, 2017

NEW WESTMINSTER B.C. – B.C. Green Party Candidate (New Westminster) and Education Spokesperson, Jonina Campbell, released the following statement in response to the B.C. 2017 Budget:

“I am disappointed in the 2017 budget. I am at a loss by a government who just lost a lengthy court battle to have Minister de Jong declare that education is ‘the single most important service that government operates and funds.’ I am at a loss as to why this province was made to go through a very expensive court battle, only to hear now what needed to have been said years ago. For many of our teachers and parents, Minister de Jong’s declaration has left them shaking their heads.

“More concerning, however, is the overall failure of the government to adequately fund public services and address issues such as poverty, mental health, and affordable housing that greatly impact a child’s success in school and in life. We need a government who understands that in addition to funding a robust education system, we must also take care of children and families to ensure that our children arrive at school nourished, healthy, and eager to learn.

“I am astonished by a budget that doesn't make seismic upgrading a priority. Two billion in capital funding may begin to address overcrowding in Surrey, but our children need to go to schools that are seismically safe. For too many that is simply not the case.

“The government missed out on an opportunity to make real change with this budget. Many British Columbians were hoping for a budget that was focused on ensuring our students are safe in their schools and that the basic needs our most vulnerable students will not continue to be ignored. It is time for a government that will make education a priority and provide students the supports and curriculum they need thrive in a changing world. A disappointing budget indeed.”

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