Motion to Amend the Fall 2014 Throne Speech

Today I rose in the legislature to give the required two day’s notice that I will bring forward an amendment to the Throne Speech. Delta South Independent MLA Vicki Huntington seconded my notice of motion.

When I speak to the Throne Speech, and subsequently the amendment on Thursday, I will outline an alternative vision for diversified, sustainable, 21st century economy.

Growing Green in the Okanagan Valley

In May 2013, Dr. Andrew Weaver was elected to the British Columbia Legislature by the people of Oak Bay-Gordon Head. He was the first B.C. Green elected in the province and he has represented his constituents and the Party well.

Deregulating the environment is bad for the economy

“If we want to do what the big polluters and their indentured servants in Ottawa or Washington DC want us to do, which is treat the planet as if it was a business in liquidation, convert our natural resources to cash as quickly as possible, have a few years of pollution based prosperity and make a few people billionaires by impoverishing the rest of us, we generate an instantaneous cash flow and the illusion of a prosperous economy but our children are going to pay for our joy ride and they are going to pay for it with denuded landscapes and poor health and huge clean up costs that are going to amplify over time and they will never be able to pay.”

- Robert Kennedy Jr, GLOBE 2014 Conference, March 26, 2014

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